Portfolio GP Programme

We know that to be your best, you want a working environment that is friendly, stimulating and tailored to your needs. That’s why we have created a range of bespoke portfolio GP options that allow you to mix and match the components that would best work for you. Be it in a salaried role, or as a GP Partner, we can support you to create your ideal portfolio of professional activity. 

If you’ve recently qualified then we know that the process of gaining further experience in a supported environment, or developing specialist clinical or leadership interests can be pretty challenging after completion of a prescribed specialty training programmes  

  • The opportunity to find time in a busy working week can be limited
  • Funding to cover the time involved in gaining skills is in short supply
  • Mentorship from GP leaders, providing help to plan the next steps in your career, is hard to find we can provide support with all of this.

If you are more experienced, it may be you want to adjust your work:life balance, further develop an area of special interest, or step in to an advanced leadership role. 

The scheme is flexible to allow a bespoke solution to be created for each appointed GP.   

The length of programme will be agreed before appointment, usually between one and three years. This will depend upon candidate preference and the likely time requirements to meet the objectives that are contained within your bespoke programme. 

Financially, we can provide funding to allow candidates to follow their option choices without candidates having to fund their own course costs.

Our investment is not solely financial. Programme Mentorship is provided to ensure you have the support and guidance to develop yourself professionally, and personally. 


These roles can include;

  • Leadership
  • Innovation & Improvement work
  • Research
  • Working with partner agencies to develop new ways of working
  • Teaching and training, as a Faculty member of the Academy
  • Working in the Emergency Department or Out of Hours
  • Developing a Specialist Interest, or working part-time in specialties such as Dermatology or Rheumatology