The Academy has been established as part of the Health Board’s mission to keep north Wales at the leading edge of Primary and Community Care services providing the following functions:

Education and Training

  • Provision of relevant training modules
  • Develop and commission education and training frameworks that focus on the social and medical model of health
  • Coordination of advance practice training opportunities
  • Arranging mentorship and clinical supervision for developing advance practice skills

Improvement and Sustainability

  • Provision of a library of best practice and innovation exemplars
  • Packages of coordinated support and advice to practices
  • Individual career development advice
  • Develop and implement a north Wales Primary Care Recruitment Strategy

Research and Innovation

  • Develop, test and evaluate pilot projects including Welsh Government Pacesetter Projects
  • Extending the knowledge base in prudent primary and community healthcare, and the multidisciplinary social model of care
  • Support for practitioners interested in research and innovation